Heaven: Chapter 2 begins on October 10th at 12:00am LDT, provided you have at least 10 Heaven Reputation.
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You sit down in the spot where Aiatar usually waits for you. You hear a quiet rustling, and again you're tackled from above. The overly excited Nepheline decided it was fun to squeeze the air out of your lungs and push your body against the heavenly dirt. Heavenly or not, it's still dirt.

"I am so proud and happy for you, [NAME]! The time has come, and the Angels are willing to grant you the blessing of a heavenly warrior! Maybe you cannot be a Nepheline like me, but you could temporarily wear Angelic Wings... they are not suited for flight, but they are suited for giving blessings to other animals. Come with me!" Aiatar stomps his feet excitedly, almost looking like he's kneading.

Follow Aiatar
Page 1

The Nepheline leads you towards a high cliff. You glance behind yourself as you follow Aiatar; the high walls of the great kingdom do not seem to grant a way for you to get in. Maybe it's a place reserved for the holiest of creatures, and maybe, some day, you could get in there and find out what the shining beacon is. You arrive at the top of the hill, and the magnificent view shows you the boundaries of Heaven and Earth. Dozens of swift Nephelines fly in the sky, practicing fights and manoeuvres. You peek at the kingdom again, getting a nice aerial view of it, although you still can't figure out what exactly is inside the high walls.

"I can see you are very curious about our city." Aiatar blocks your view with his face. You smile awkwardly.

"No, it's okay! When you show your devotions to the Angels, they will let you in some day. For now, close your eyes and open your soul." He smiles at you.

Close your eyes
Page 2

When you close your eyes and try to meditate, you hear Aiatar humming gently. As his tone climbs higher, rays of light shine through your eyelids with increasing intensity. You start to feel the air warm up slowly, and when a soft breeze hits you, you open your eyes. You feel a presence in front of you, but you can't really see much. Among the rays of light you notice cobweb-like shapes, smudges of bending air that seem to be forming into a tall, faceless creature. You feel a touch on your head that immediately calms you, and you are as docile as a cub.

"Lion." A soft voice, neither male nor female, sounds in your thoughts and you feel as if you are losing your mind.

"Thy devotion is noticed. Accept these Angelic Wings for they shall bring thee to those in need, those who seek deliverance, and to whom these things thee might bring. Wilst thou act in the name of Absolution?"

Page 3

You feel a trembling in your body and a jolt of pain underneath your shoulders. Soft cracking sounds and a stretching sensation make you realize there's something growing, but you can't really see it well. It seems just as ephemeral as the being in front of you.

"Fear not, [NAME]. You can channel your blessing to take it out during your travels on Earth. Those wings will let you bless creatures instead of battling them, and you will be granted various rewards for this choice. Your daily chores should remain the same. Keep proving yourself to be worthy of joining our army."

Receive Angelic Wings
Page 4

You want to keep listening, but the being fades away and you no longer feel as peaceful as before. Their presence made you feel as if you were in a trance, or you were inhaling some incense you've never heard of. Aiatar seems to be basking in the warmth and light next to you, as if he wasn't really a part of the Angelic conversation.

"Oh? You should practice!" He winks at you and shoves you off the cliff! You scream, but he dives right behind you to help you land safely down back home.

Fly back home!
Page 5

This ends Heaven: Chapter 2. You now have access to a special tool that can be used in Explore in order to gain further rewards. To find out more about this tool, view the storyline encounters for Heaven. You are now able to complete Daily Quests until the event ends.

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