Chapter 1 of the Shrine Passage begins on June 5th at 00:00/12:00am Lioden time.
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You pad in, awestruck at what you see before you. Behind the rubble, an entire room appears to be undamaged, filled with dust, artifacts and ornaments. Little Ushabti figures gather under your paws, analyzing the uncovered area.

Page 1

The Ushabti clean the interior up, wiping off dust and alighting the ancient artifacts. In the low light, you can clearly see the room is a small shrine dedicated to a god.

Call Bast
Page 2

Bast strides in, taking a deep breath.

"The Shrine of Horus. It looks like the only damage is some surface cracks in the wall. Incredible! Great Ra must have protected this place personally. It's truly an honour... my temple survived thanks to his protective eye."

She sits down and closes her eyes, taking in the moment. You respect the reverence she has for this god. She looks at you again, smiling and pointing at a small box.

"This here is a coffin with a vessel, much like my own. However, it's very small, and not strong enough to walk with you as I do. It would be a great kindness if you awakened it; I could have a companion as I walk this mortal plane. And perhaps you could get additional blessings."

Look at the coffin
Page 3

You lean towards the box and gently push the small stone lid. There's another box inside, with a wooden lid and spells written down in an ancient language you cannot understand. With an encouraging look from your companion, you open the box gently with your claws. A tiny mummy inside reveals that the vessel isn't of much use physically, just as your companion mentioned. But having more allies against the Serpent would really boost morale.

Touch it
Page 4

A spark of life powered by your heart wakes the ancient mummy. Just as before with Bast, it cracks open and twists, revealing its true form.

The bird looks at you and then looks at Bast. They start speaking to each other in a language you cannot understand. It sounds very melodic and hypnotic, and your brain is fuzzy as if in a trance. Suddenly the bird is making sense, and you blink rapidly, coming out of your stupor in surprise. The new vessel has adapted to your tongue.

"I now understand what happened, [NAME]. The Serpent is blinded by growth and rage. I can try to help, but I need strength. I need essence, just like Bast has. In return, once the Ushabti clean up the artifacts in this shrine, they will expand what they have to offer. I will also help with returning your pridelands to how they were before this catastrophe."

Thank you, Horus
Page 5

You sit down on the safe side of the rift. With your heart still pounding in awe of what happened, you look around the devastated landscape. It's time to bring back some slithering essence to the vessel of Horus.

You have currently collected 0/5 essence.
Page 6

In order to proceed, you must collect a total of 5 Slithering Essence from Chthonic Snakes in Explore.
When you come across the following encounter containing any Chthonic Snake NPC, you must choose the Bind option.

Watch out! It's a Slithering [NPC], sent after you to weaken you and the godly vessel!
Action Result Reward
Attack! Initiates a battle with a Slithering [NPC]. +2 Khepri Beetles if your battle buddy is present and +1 Chaos Snake Scale if the battle is won.
Bind You use the incense to bind the chthonic beast and gather its energy into the Ankh. The drained snake doesn't feel so good and dissipates into dust. +1 Slithering Essence

Once you've collected a total of 5 Slithering Essence, return to the Shrine Passage page. A new button will appear.

You sit down on the safe side of the rift. With your heart still pounding in awe of what happened, you look around the devastated landscape. It's time to bring back some slithering essence to the vessel of Horus.

You have currently collected 5/5 essence.

Go to the Shrine
Page 6

You walk into the narrow passage and greet the resting, mummified vessel with proper reverence. Just like before, you gently put the Ankh on its bandaged chest and watch the creature open its eyes.

"I can feel the energy. The connection is getting stronger. Please, come back tomorrow. I need time to reconstruct the vessel properly."

Page 7

Inside the shrine, the coffin is closed and the vessel is resting. Come back after rollover!

Page 8

This ends Chapter 1 of the Shrine Passage if you are aligned with Bast. Once you rollover, you will be able to access the next portion of the story.
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