The Punk Breeding Challenge was introduced on May 15th 2020 as a portion of May's development update.
It is the second challenge of its kind to be presented on Lioden, with the first being the Albino Cub Challenge.

Want to find out more about it? Let's read on below!

What is the Punk Breeding Challenge?  

The Punk Breeding Challenge is a personal challenge that ties into the theme of May's event: battling other lions!

There are two parts to this challenge: defeating lion NPCs and breeding cubs.
Both parts are entirely personal and are unlocked via your own progress.

The first part requires you to defeat 200 lion NPCs in Explore between May 16th 12:00am LDT and May 31st 11:59pm LDT.

The second part requires you to breed 20 cubs with the Crested mane shape between May 16th 12:00am LDT and May 31st 11:59pm LDT.

Where can I find the challenge?  

The challenge begins at 12:00am LDT on May 16th. At the start of May 16th, you can navigate to the Event page, where you will be greeted with the Punk Breeding Challenge blurb at the top of the page!

How do I participate?  

Click the Take Challenge button! Upon clicking, you'll receive a prompt that states "Are you sure you want to take the challenge?" Once you confirm, congratulations—you are now participating in the Punk Breeding Challenge!

From there, you now have until 11:59pm LDT on May 31st to fully fill the two progress bars shown below.

How do I defeat Lion NPCs?  

It is a good idea to use Catnip to attract NCLs in Explore, then choose to Fight Her? and initiate a battle. You can also alternatively go to the claiming screen, then choose to Slap Her—that way, you don't lose out on a potentially gorgeous lioness to claim.

Keep in mind that fighting and slapping NCLs does cost you -5 karma per NCL, even if you lose or flee from the battle.

If you don't want to hurt your karma, you can instead just Explore and choose to only fight against various other Lion NPCs you'll come across. As the challenge takes place during May, there are various event NPC encounters that fall under the Lion NPC category, with the added benefit of dropping some Manticora Beetles if you happen to win!

A good strategy to defeating Lion NPCs is to Charge them for your opening move, Grab them, then Pound and Kick your way to victory!

Utilising Lucky Feet is also a great idea to quickly burn through the progress bar. It guarantees that you win against an NPC with no effort on your part. Hopefully you held onto all those feet dropped during April!

Note that participating in the Championship Challenges, the Battle Arena, and PVPing other players does not count towards defeating Lion NPCs. The progress bar is filled only by actually fighting and defeating Lion NPCs in Explore.

How do I breed Crested-maned cubs?  

The Crested mane shape is a custom shape, meaning it can be selected within the Oasis Custom Lion tools and applied via the Mane Changer in the Oasis. If you are not attached to your king's mane shape, you can use a Mane Changer to change his mane shape to Crested, which will certainly help you out during this challenge!

Keep in mind that mane shapes also have genetics, and they can "fail" to other shapes their cubs will inherit. Blade, Razor, Regent, and Tsavo mane shapes are all able to "fail" to Crested, so if your king has one of those shapes, you may not need to change to Crested.

If your king does not have the Blade, Crested, Razor, Regent, or Tsavo mane, but some of your lionesses do, they can still pass on Crested.

Now, if you do not have any lions in your pride with eligible mane shapes, you can always outsource by buying lions with these mane shapes from the Trading Center, getting lucky with chased lionesses in Explore, or, if you're sided with V'Kai, you can potentially claim groupies with these mane shapes!

Sending stud requests for your lionesses does count towards the progress bar. You can safely send out stud requests for your lionesses to Blade, Crested, Razor, Regent, and Tsavo-maned studs and still have a chance at finishing this part of the challenge.

The reverse breeding feature is not compatible with this challenge. Any Crested-maned cubs that are bred via the reverse breeding feature do not count towards the challenge, for both the stud owner and the lioness owner.

Note that breeding a Crested-maned lion does not guarantee that their cubs will inherit the Crested mane shape. Even breeding two Crested lions together still does not guarantee this. The only way to truly guarantee that a cub will inherit Crested is to use an Ochre Saltlick on the parent that has the Crested mane shape, though keep in mind that it is not necessary to use such an expensive breeding item for this challenge. It only helps to fill the bar faster!

In order for your progress bar to fill, you must breed these cubs. You cannot buy preexisting Crested-maned cubs and have them count towards the goal. You cannot change a preexisting lion's mane shape and have it count towards the goal.

Any cub born with the Crested mane shape after the challenge began will count towards the goal, even if they were conceived before the update was released!

What are the rewards?  


For defeating 200 lion NPCs, you will have the option to Claim Personal Rewards.
Upon clicking this button, you will be permanently granted the Punk title and Punk achievement! You will also earn a temporary +2 Damage battle boost against all lion NPCs for the remainder of May.

For breeding 20 Crested-maned cubs, you will have the option to Breed the Mohawk.
Upon clicking this button, you will receive a popup that states the following.

Upon pressing the button, the next immediate breeding from your king will result in one cub within the litter having a guaranteed Dorsal Fur mutation! The cub will have the Crested mane shape, regardless of what mane shape its parents have. The button to breed the mutation will be there until the challenge ends. However, the button's effect will last until you successfully breed your king, even after the challenge ends!

Once you confirm, congratulations—you now have the ability to produce one guaranteed Dorsal Fur cub in your king's next immediate breeding!

Claiming this reward does log in your user log and it does create a banner on your king's page.
This reward can be studded out, so the banner has been implemented to safeguard against any potential scamming or false advertising. If someone says their king is guaranteed to produce a Dorsal Fur cub, but they do not have a banner on their king's page, definitely report them to the Modbox. The effect will not be in place without the banner as well!

What is the Dorsal Fur mutation?  

Dorsal Fur is a new mutation that was introduced via this challenge. Until 11:59pm on May 31st, the mutation can only occur by fully completing the challenge and breeding a king that has a guarantee to produce a Dorsal Fur cub on his next breeding.

Outside of May, the mutation can only pass down from Dorsal Fur parents. It has no chance of randomly showing up on cubs, like some other mutations.

All lions with Dorsal Fur automatically have the Crested mane shape. It is not possible to change a Dorsal Fur lion's mane shape to any shape other than Crested. If you have a Dorsal Fur heir that you wish to mutation replace your king with, and you choose to keep your current king's appearance, his mane shape will be forcibly changed to Crested in order to stay in line with the "lore" and mechanics behind Dorsal Fur.

The natural pass rate for Dorsal Fur is not publicly revealed. If a non-admin player states an exact percentage that the mutation passes at, please take it with a grain of salt, as it is not official information and is just based on assumptions or limited breeding data.

Cub Newborn

Cub Young


Adolescent Female

Adolescent Male

Adult Female

Adult Male

I completed one part of the challenge, but I can't claim my reward!  

Both bars must be fully filled out in order to claim any rewards. You cannot complete just one part and get the reward for that part—both challenge goals must be completed. However, once both bars are filled, you do have the option to only claim one reward and ignore the other, or you can claim both rewards! Or none at all, though why would you want to do that?

Can I complete the challenge more than once?  

No. The challenge is a "one and done" deal, meaning you can only complete it once per account per year.

What is the time limit?  

The challenge and any in-game rewards (barring the title, achievement, and button's effect) end on May 31st 11:59pm LDT. This means that after May 31st 11:59pm LDT, you will no longer have a boost when fighting against Lion NPCs in Explore, and if you did not click the Breed the Mohawk button, you will not be able to guarantee that your king will produce a Dorsal Fur cub.

If I don't use the Dorsal Fur guarantee, can it expire?  

No. If you click the Breed the Mohawk button and claim the reward before the challenge ends, your king will keep that effect until you choose to breed him, even after the challenge has ended.

The effect is tied to your account as well, not necessarily your king. This means that if you claim the reward on one king and he never breeds again after the reward is claimed, if you retire your king (whether using early retirement or waiting until he can retire for free), the effect will carry over to your new king.

Will this repeat next year?  

Yes! The challenge was introduced in May 2020 and has repeated again for May 2021. This will be a recurring annual event, though there is no word yet on whether requirements and rewards may be adjusted.

Do I have to participate?  

Not at all! Unfortunately, you cannot disable the Punk Breeding Challenge section at the top of the Event page, so you'll have to scroll past it any time you want to challenge another king, enter the tournament, visit the Champion Shop, or visit the May Storyline until the challenge ends.

Do I earn the rewards even if I don't defeat any lion NPCs or breed any Crested-maned cubs?  

No. This challenge is entirely based on personal progress; this is not a community effort. If you fail to defeat 200 lion NPCs and/or fail to breed 20 Crested-maned cubs, you will not earn any rewards.

Do I have to keep the cubs that I breed?  

Nope! Once the cubs are born, you can safely abandon, chase, freeze, kill, nature reserve, raffle, trade, or transfer them as you please. Your personal counter will not be affected.