The April storyline, introduced in 2017, is a minor addition to the April event. Within this storyline, you meet Wenet.


As of April 2017, the Rabbit Hunt event has its own mini-storyline involving Wenet. The mini-storyline begins with Quest 1 unlocking on April 1st at 12:00am Lioden time.

For ease of convenience, the quests have been split up into their own separate pages. Please click on the individual button images to be taken to that quest's page.

Mask Encounters  

You are able to toggle on and off Wenet's Mask, which will affect the encounters you receive in Explore—some encounters are only able to be found whilst wearing her mask.

With every mask-specific encounter that gives Easter Eggs, there is a 30% chance that one of the eggs will break when you attempt to grab it. If this happens, you'll receive some saddening text that states, "Oh, you dropped one of the eggs and it broke :(".

Hover over the icons in the upper right corner to see whether an encounter is available during daytime, nighttime, wet season, or dry season. If on mobile, you can tap the icons for the same effect.

Awww, a Fluffball mom has a field day with her babies.
Action Result Reward
Murder time! Obviously, a field day for a lion like you as well. -4 Karma
+9 Fluffball Points
+7 Bunny Carcass
+2 Fluffy Bunny Carcass
Play with them! You lie down and play with little bunnies, telling them that one day they will be as muscular as you if they eat their vegetables. After snuggles, their mom gives you a special thanks for babysitting. +8 Karma
+1 to 2 Easter Eggs
A bunch of Fluffballs gathered here to celebrate carving eggs. They treat you as one of their own.
Action Result Reward
Hunting time! You smash the fluffballs before the rest scatter in panic. Unfortunately they took the eggs too. -1 Karma
+4 Fluffball Points
+2 Bunny Carcass
+2 Fluffy Bunny Carcass
Steal eggs! You are so much bigger than them. You just take two eggs in your mouth and run away, hearing loud screeching slowly fade in the distance. +1 Karma
+1 to 2 Easter Eggs
A curious Fluffball is checking you out.
Action Result Reward
Check out my teeth! You show the bunny your magnificent fangs that grew from carving eggs. As it peeks its tiny head into your mouth, you just take a bite. +1 Fluffball Point
+1 Fluffy Bunny Carcass
Boop its nose! What a cute little bunny! You boop its nose. Blood everywhere. You forgot you had your claws out. +1 Fluffball Point
+1 Fluffy Bunny Carcass
A group of Fluffballs is carving eggs with their sharp teeth. This is a good moment to infiltrate their ranks.
Action Result Reward
What are the eggs for? "What? Who are you?" The Fluffballs all look at you with suspicion. You kill them all to keep your identity a secret. -2 Karma
What a beautiful design! Compliments will get you far, and the Fluffballs chat with you for a while as you observe their craft, but it's all some generic rabbit mumbo-jumbo you barely can understand. +2 Karma
Suh dude You sit down with the bunnies and they hand you an egg. Everyone’s busy carving eggs. Hoping they’d start some gossip, you try to run your fang along the shell, but you crack it instead. Needless to say, they shoo you away. N/A
Isn't carving out here dangerous? The Fluffballs laugh maniacally, explaining lions are too busy collecting eggs. Then, the lions exchange the eggs back to Fluffballs for useless things like Egg Yolk. It keeps them occupied, while the Fluffball Empire can grow. They chat some more about their dens and where to find each other for parties.

That's very interesting information. You should let Wenet know about this.
Wenet Quest 2 Complete
NOTE: This encounter is required to complete Wenet's Quest 2, "Infiltrate the Fluffballs", and the only option that will progress you is "Isn't carving out here dangerous?"
A Fluffball is having a snack. You too.
+1 Fluffball Point
+1 Bunny Carcass
NOTE: This encounter does not require you to do any actions or press any buttons.
A Fluffball is running towards you, wanting to race against you!
Action Result Reward
Race with him! You’re bigger and scarier, but the fluffball is faster! He wins the race - according to Fluffball tradition, you’re the one getting a loser trophy. +1 Easter Egg
-2% Energy
Kill him Like you’re going to make an effort, right? +1 Fluffball Point
+1 Bunny Carcass
A Fluffball is taking a bath. It seems calm around you, like you’re its buddy.
Action Result Reward
Offer to lick its back You offer to clean the fluffball’s back. The animal agrees and after first lick you remember how great the fluffballs taste. You break its spine swiftly. -1 Karma
+1 Fluffball Point
+1 Bunny Carcass
A Fluffball runs straight into a den in front of your eyes. You’re pretty sure there’s some goods inside.
Action Result Reward
Dig! You dig into the tunnels, not only destroying Fluffballs' home, but also find something nice! +1 to 2 Easter Eggs
Wait You crouch next to the opening and wait until Fluffballs go out again. Seeing you in your mask, they immediately swarm out to greet a hare fellow. Gotcha. +8 Fluffball Points
+4 Bunny Carcass
+4 Fluffy Bunny Carcass
A Fluffball spotted an eagle and runs to hide. You hear screeching, possibly to warn you about the danger above.
Action Result Reward
I laugh in the face of danger! You jump, grabbing the eagle and killing it by a mighty crush against the ground. You salvage meat and... there was an egg inside the pregnant eagle! Why is it carved...? +1 Easter Egg
+1 Medium Meat Chunk
Extend paw You stretch your paw forward and grab the fluffball, killing it with little effort. An eagle shrieks above you angrily. +1 Fluffball Point
+1 Bunny Carcass
It's really nice the Fluffballs treat you like one of their own now, but… do they have to be THAT chill?
Action Result Reward
Smash! At least you stopped them from producing even more annoying Fluffballs. +2 Fluffball Points
+1 Bunny Carcass
+1 Fluffy Bunny Carcass
Looks like the Fluffballs are really dedicated to expanding their… culture. You don’t even want to kill them right now, it’d be so messy. And it’s not the blood you think of. Taking advantage of them being so busy, you search the area for any carved eggs you can find.
+1 Easter Egg
NOTE: This encounter does not require you to do any actions or press any buttons.
You approach a Fluffball den full of tiny Fluffballs. They seem happy to see you.
Action Result Reward
Murder Everyone You murder the fluffy family, reaping their corpses like death with a face of a hare. -2 Karma
+5 Fluffball Points
+1 Bunny Carcass
+4 Fluffy Bunny Carcass
Hang Out Sometimes you just want to have fun with baby animals, specially when their moms give you Carved Eggs to thank for babysitting. +2 Karma
+1 Easter Egg
Yaaawnnnn! This fluffball is relaxed and ready to take a nap next to a big friend like you!
Action Result Reward
Time to nap! Ah, whatever! You may as well nap a little, too. The yawning is contagious, and the bunny is so warm and soft. It cuddles up against your fluffy neck. +1 Karma
+10% Energy
Open wide! You pretend to yawn, too, but... Oops! Your jaws slipped and ended up locking on the bunny, oh dear. You discover that it's just finished carving up an egg. -1 Karma
+1 Easter Egg
+1 Bunny Carcass
You find a rare Natal red rock hare among some boulders. You're asked if you've seen a lucky trinket of theirs.
Action Result Reward
Let me help you find it You offer to help and are ready to serve as a massive walking vantage point. The two of you look around for a colourful object among the rocks. Eventually, it's found, and the hare rewards you handsomely! +2 Karma
+1 Easter Egg
+2% Impression
Let me help you make one The hare seems confused, but unfortunately doesn't understand what you meant before it's too late. One swift pounce later, and you've now made a lucky trinket out of the hare's foot. Afterwards, you check out its burrow. -1 Karma
+1 Easter Egg
+1 Bunny Carcass
+1 Lucky Foot
You find a sulking, grumpy fluffball. Its small mane reminds you of a lion-like Crested mane. The fluffball doesn't seem to be having much fun carving this egg.
Action Result Reward
Offer help You offer to help with carving the egg's patterns. The fluffball looks at you absently, eventually handing the egg and a carving tool over to you without any form of gratitude. "Typical conformist. Enjoy your orders, sheep," it grumbles at you before slowly hopping away. +1 Easter Egg
+1 Phantom Quartz
Growl You bare your teeth and growl menacingly at the fluffball. It seems unfazed or too apathetic to react, so you continue to shorten the fang-to-fluffball distance until it's too late. +1 Easter Egg
+1 Fluffy Bunny Carcass
You snort quietly, surprised at what you see. A fluffball... wearing a lion mask. Much like you're wearing a hare mask, but... well, in reverse.
Action Result Reward
Nice mask The fluffball scoffs at you. "It's better than yours! I'm looking for Poacher Guns. What about you?" You nervously sit down and tell yourself that the guns are probably just for ornaments... you really, really hope they're just for ornaments. The bunny is collecting them apparently, much like you're collecting eggs. You explain what you're after, and the odd impostor notes it down. Perhaps you'll meet again. You should be ready next time. +50 Experience
+1% Impression
Give Poacher Gun The fluffball perks up, happily exchanging the treasure you're after for the gun. It grabs it awkwardly by the strap and quickly hops away. Is... is this why the poachers are almost gone now? The fluffballs are fighting back? You're not sure. It might just be an ornament or a sturdy supporting beam for their burrows. At least, that's what you're telling yourself so you can sleep peacefully at night. +2 Easter Eggs
NOTE: The option to "Give Poacher Gun" will only display if you have the required item in your hoard when you come across this encounter. Choosing this option will remove one Poacher Gun from your hoard.
You walk into a fluffball carving station. It's been abandoned for the time being, as the critters seem to be on a lunch break. What were they doing here...? Obviously more than just carving, as the eggs seem to be covered in a colourful mess of pigments and yolk.
Action Result Reward
Search You find some useful items and decide they won't be missed. +1 Easter Egg
+1 Rainbow Stones
+1 Rock
You find some neat items and decide to steal them. +2 Easter Eggs
+1 Shiny Red Rock
You grab as many eggs as you can and run! +3 Easter Eggs

Daily Quest Pool  

Once you have finished all 10 mini-storyline quests, you will then be able to complete daily quests in order to receive extra Hare Points.

Wenet will ask you each rollover if you would like to complete a previous quest you have already done. Each quest will offer the same reward of +2 Hare Points.

The available pool of quests that can be randomly chosen from are Quest 2, Quest 3, Quest 4, Quest 6, Quest 7, and Quest 8. Make sure to stock up on Bunny Carcasses, Fluffy Bunny Carcasses, and Lamb Carcasses!

Would you like to do more tasks for me?

How about repeating [QUEST]?

Again, for completing each quest, you will earn +2 Hare Points.

The maximum amount of Hare Points you can earn each year is 85 Hare Points, provided you finish each quest on time.

Wenet's Shop  

Wenet's Shop is where you go to spend your Hare Points.
This shop is immediately available upon visiting Wenet.

Angora Rabbit
Baladi Rabbit
Bauscat Rabbit
Bits of Kits
Ethiopian Highland Hare
European Rabbit
Event Beetle: Sparmannia flava
Fluffball Teeth
Fluffy Chick Earrings
Hewiit's Red Rock Hare
Jameson's Red Rock Hare
Lamb Eyes
Rabbit Corpse
Smith's Red Rock Hare
Tasty Chicken
Zemmouri Rabbit
Dried Chick Necklace
Easter Garland
Faux Fluffball Tail
Floral Bunny Ears Head Ornament
Floral Bunny Ears Leg Ornament
Floral Bunny Ears Tail Ornament
Fluffball Bundle
Lucky Lamb Hoof Necklace
Punk Rabbit Headwrap
Roasted Vulture
Cuddling Rabbits
Primordial Harness
Rabbit Pelt Leg Wraps
Rabbit Pelt Skirt
Fluffball Ear Extensions
Lop Bunny Ears [Brown]
Lop Bunny Ears [Calico]
Lop Bunny Ears [Creamy]
Lop Bunny Ears [Dark]
Lop Bunny Ears [Golden]
Lop Bunny Ears [Gray]
Lop Bunny Ears [Light]
Lop Bunny Ears [Red]
Loving Wenet
Wenet Idol
Roasted Lamb
Fluffball Oak Tree Burrows
Primordial Spring
Hare Mask
Hen Mask

Easter Egg Exchange

30 Easter Eggs

Claiming Wenet (Or Her Cousin)  

On the last day of the April event, April 30th, if you've completed all 10 mini-storyline quests, you will be able to claim Wenet (or one of her cousins)!

Note: You only get ONE chance at claiming Wenet or her cousin. They are able to be claimed like normal lionesses, or you can auto-claim them with 2 Gold Beetles or a Leopard Orchid.

Hello. I.. I couldn't leave without saying goodbye. It's been a wonderful month full of killing and maiming and.. finally getting to the bottom of the fluffball plot. I couldn't have done it without you.

I know I said we could never work out, but.. maybe you'd be interested in one of my cousins?

Now, you are able to Court Wenet or Court Wenet's Cousin. You will only get one chance to attempt claiming Wenet or Wenet's cousin each year.

Clicking either button to court them will automatically take you to the "Claiming a Lioness" interaction. The lioness you are presented with will depend upon your choice.

If you've chosen to court Wenet, you will see the standard Wenet that every other player is able to claim. All Wenets share identical appearances.

If you've chosen to court Wenet's cousin, the lioness you receive will be randomly generated out of a pool of available bases, eyes, mane colours, mane shapes, markings, and skins.


All Wenets are generated with randomised fertility levels, have the Focused (Kind) personality, and are 3 years of age exactly. Wenet will not come with her pose automatically equipped.

Onyx (Black Skin)
Black Dark Solid Uncommon
Crested Onyx
Slot 1
Coral Underfelt (100%)
Slot 2
Coral Underfur (100%)
Slot 3
Copal Back Hair (63%)
Slot 4
Coral Half (100%)
Slot 5
Onyx Carving (100%)
Slot 6
Onyx Cozy (100%)
Slot 7
Copal Coat (74%)
Slot 8
Onyx Ear Backs (100%)
Slot 9
White Venter (56%)
Slot 10
Onyx Patch (100%)

Wenet Cousins  

All Wenet cousins are randomly generated from a pool of attributes. Similar to Wenet, they are generated with randomised fertility levels and are 3 years of age exactly. Their personalities are typical to what you would see with other generated NCLs. They will always come with 10 markings, randomly chosen from the pool displayed in the table below.

Below, we've provided just five examples of what Wenet cousins can look like. Results may vary!

Wenet Cousin Attributes
Bases Antler, Apricot, Arabica, Asali, Blush Rose, Bone, Brown, Buff, Buttercream, Buttermilk, Camel, Cameo, Caramel, Cedar, Chestnut, Chocolate, Cinnabar, Cremello, Dark Vanilla, Dhahabi, Dikela, Dusty, Ginger, Liver, Madagascar, Mahogany, Maziwa, Noctis, Ochre, Onyx, Palomino, Persimmon, Qahir, Rhubarb, Rosy Brown, Ruddy, Sahara, Sapela, Shedua, Tan, Teardrop, Umber, Vandal, Wild Rose
Eyes Glass, Hetero Blue & Brown, Hetero Blue & Green, Hetero Brown & Blue, Hetero Green & Blue, Hyacinth, Iris, Mosaic, Sectoral Brown & Blue, Sectoral Green & Blue
Mane Colours Blush Rose, Brown, Cameo, Caramel, Chestnut, Chocolate, Cream, Cream Darker, Cream Lighter, Cremello, Dark Brown, Dark Fawn, Dark Golden, Dark Vanilla, Deep Fawn, Dikela, Dove Gray, Fawn, Ginger, Khaki, Light Cream, Light Golden, Liver, Madagascar, Mahogany, Mongoose, Noctis, Ochre, Onyx, Persimmon, Qahir, Rosy Brown, Ruddy, Savannah, Shedua, Sienna, Sundust, Sunflower, Tan, Vandal, Zer
Mane Shapes Normal, Scarce, Thick
Markings Black Siamese, Blue Ticking, Bone Bottom, Brown Carving, Brown Marble, Brown Siamese, Chocolate Carving, Chocolate Siamese, Cinnabar Coat, Cinnabar Face, Cinnabar Points, Cinnabar Sable, Cinnabar Smudge, Cinnabar Snout, Cinnabar Margay, Copal Back, Copal Brindle, Copal Coat, Copal Face, Copal Limb Patch, Copal Marble, Copal Mask, Copal Patch, Copal Points, Copal Sable, Copal Smudge, Copal Snout, Coral Belly, Coral Lace, Coral Luster, Coral Marbled Unders, Coral Shimmer, Coral Soft Unders, Coral Trim, Coral Undercoat, Coral Undercover, Coral Underfelt, Coral Underfur, Coral Unders, Cream Bottom, Cream Inverted Brindle, Cream Ticking, Cream Trim, Cream Venter, Dark Brown Carving, Dark Brown Coat, Dark Brown Marble, Dark Brown Siamese, Dim Dark Brown, Dim Mahogany, Dim Noctis, Dim Onyx, Dim Red, Gold Ticking, Gold Undercover, Golden Marble, Henna Siamese, Mahogany Coat, Marigold Trim, Noctis Cozy, Noctis Dapple, Noctis Inverted Brindle, Noctis Limb Patch, Noctis Margay, Noctis Patch, Noctis Siamese, Noctis Ticking, Onyx Brindle, Onyx Carving, Onyx Coat, Onyx Cozy, Onyx Dapple, Onyx Dust, Onyx Limb Patch, Onyx Margay, Onyx Panther, Onyx Patch, Onyx Pelage, Onyx Points, Onyx Puma, Onyx Siamese, Onyx Ticking, Red Cozy, Red Limb Patch, Red Patch, Red Ticking, Royal Trim, Scoria Siamese, Shell Trim, Tan Cozy, Tangor Inverted Brindle, Tangor Undercover, White Bottom, White Inverted Brindle, White Limb Patch, White Patch, White Puma, White Ticking, White Torso, White Trim, White Venter
Skins Skins generated appear to be tied to their bases.