Journey to Vredefort Crater
Here you can take a long journey to Vredefort Crater, a place impacted by the most ancient of meteors, to find the rumoured Interstellar Remnants. Tales of shooting stars frequently falling in that region seem to be true. You will need a residing submale in your den to protect the pride while you're gone. The journey's cost is 5000 SB, and only strong, experienced lions can prepare for such a big adventure. You will have to be a Dreamboat and level 7 to proceed.

Note: The quest can be taken once per account. It may take a long while to finish, depending on your play style. There is no time limit for completing this quest; however, once the quest is complete, you can never take it on this account again.

As mentioned above, the requirements for starting the Journey to Vredefort Crater quest are as follows:

  • 5000 SB on-hand
  • An adult submale
  • Dreamboat impression
  • Level 7

The quest can only be taken once per account per lifetime. If you have two accounts, you can complete the quest once per account. Once this specific quest is completed, it cannot be taken again.

As soon as you accept the stipulations and pay your 5000 SB fee, you will be introduced to the Demiurge and begin your epic journey.

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