Quest 10 is unlocked once Quest 9 is complete and you have rolled over.
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A few more lions came by, they also brought many items to help out. Looks like our community is concerned about the plague and everyone wants to help! Isn’t that amazing? Me and my friends crafted a ton of poison palms, we just need help distributing them all over.

How can I help?
Page 1

Take these 50 palms, leave them around where you see a lot of Fluffball activity. Come back in a while. Explore around, visit player dens, anywhere you think leaving a bait is a good idea.

- Spread around your palms and meet me back here once you've given them all out.

You have 50 palms left - go and spread them around!
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To complete this quest, you must distribute all 50 palms. These are not items that you can view in your hoard, raffle off, trade, or transfer to other players. They are invisible items that you will be prompted to leave in other players' den pages and within Explore itself.

To leave palms in Explore, you must be wearing Wenet's Mask. Under every event encounter, there will randomly be an additional option to "Leave Some Palms."

Action Result Reward
Leave Some Palms You slyly wander over to the fluffballs and casually leave some palms nearby. Didn't see nothin'. 2 to 5 palms left behind

If you'd rather leave palms on players' den pages, keep in mind they do not need to be online for you to leave palms within their den, and you do not need to be wearing Wenet's Mask.

To leave palms on players' den pages, there will randomly be a button at the top of their den page to "Leave Some Palms?".

You can sense that some fluffballs have been here..

Leave Some Palms?

You look around tentatively for the ruling king.. he doesn't seem to be here right now. You leave some palms right on the borders of his land. Yeah, he won't even know you've been!

Once all 50 palms have been distributed, return to Wenet.

Come back later, [NAME], we’re all busy deploying the bait.

- Spread around your palms and meet me back here once you've given them all out.

You have spread around 50 palms!

Complete Quest
Page 3

You’re back! Thank you so much for all the help you have done for me, [NAME]. I hope this reflects how much I appreciate everything.

+100 Experience
+4 Hare Points
+10 Easter Eggs
+5% Impression
+1x Egg Yolk

That’s it, really. It will take time to poison so many Fluffballs. Kill as many as you please anytime you want, you should be fine eating them if you don’t swallow their guts. If you do though, a little explosive diarrhea won’t hurt a big boy like you. Ehehheh. Anyway, if you want to hang out tomorrow, come by. It’s always fun spending time with you, [NAME].
Page 4

Egg Yolk

This ends Quest 10 and thus, the mini-storyline. For the remainder of the month, you will be able to access Daily Quests.
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Keep an eye on the Egg Den's bar. Once Tier Three of the Egg Den unlocks, there is a special Primordial Quest you can take with Wenet.