Quest 3 is unlocked once Quest 2 is complete and you have rolled over.
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Looks like Fluffballs think we all mindlessly farm Carved Easter Eggs in order to supply our prides with Egg Yolks. They are indeed very nutritious, but we also care about future of our cubs. Lions cannot hunt Fluffballs to survive, and it looks like soon, Fluffballs will become the only prey around.

How do we stop them?
Page 1

I have your intel from before, [NAME]. There are a few Fluffball dens around here and here, let me draw the directions… Here you go. Just… wipe them off the face of the planet. Bring me the corpses for study and I’ll reward you.

- 20x Bunny Carcass
Page 2

To complete this quest, you must obtain 20 Bunny Carcasses. These items can be easily found by exploring with Wenet's Mask equipped.

Once you have the required items, return to Wenet's page.

Bring me the bodies of our enemies, big boy.

- 20x Bunny Carcass

Complete Quest
Page 3

Wonderful. Thanks to you I won’t starve while studying their bones. You deserve some eggs, after all, maybe you do like collecting them.

How wonderful! Looks like everything works great. See you tomorrow, I’ll be here!

+70 Experience
+4% Impression
+2 Hare Points
+4 Easter Eggs

Come back tomorrow, maybe I’ll have a new plan.
Page 4

This ends Quest 3. You must wait until rollover to proceed to Quest 4.
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