Quest 2 is unlocked once Quest 1 is complete and you have rolled over.
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Oh there you are, big boy. I’ve been waiting! Actually I didn’t sleep much, I’ve been trying to investigate the Fluffballs myself but I think I ate every little one in a 3 mile radius. Maybe you can wander a bit further away? Anyway, your mask is important for this job.

What do you need me to do?
Page 1

Infiltrate the Fluffballs. Talk to them, you might not get any interesting scoop right away, but eventually you’ll hear something important. After you hear enough, come to me and tell me what they’re up to. Oh, and maybe steal some of those Carved Easter Eggs. You can keep them, I just want to study the carvings.

- Find out what the Fluffball agenda is
- 5x Carved Easter Eggs
Page 2

To complete this quest, you must obtain 5 Easter Eggs and find out what the Fluffball agenda is.
When you come across the following encounter, you must choose the Isn't carving out here dangerous? option.

A group of Fluffballs is carving eggs with their sharp teeth. This is a good moment to infiltrate their ranks.
Action Result Reward
What are the eggs for? "What? Who are you?" The Fluffballs all look at you with suspicion. You kill them all to keep your identity a secret. -2 Karma
What a beautiful design! Compliments will get you far, and the Fluffballs chat with you for a while as you observe their craft, but it's all some generic rabbit mumbo-jumbo you barely can understand. +2 Karma
Suh dude You sit down with the bunnies and they hand you an egg. Everyone’s busy carving eggs. Hoping they’d start some gossip, you try to run your fang along the shell, but you crack it instead. Needless to say, they shoo you away. N/A
Isn't carving out here dangerous? The Fluffballs laugh maniacally, explaining lions are too busy collecting eggs. Then, the lions exchange the eggs back to Fluffballs for useless things like Egg Yolk. It keeps them occupied, while the Fluffball Empire can grow. They chat some more about their dens and where to find each other for parties.

That's very interesting information. You should let Wenet know about this.
Wenet Quest 2 Complete
NOTE: This encounter is required to complete Wenet's Quest 2, "Infiltrate the Fluffballs", and the only option that will progress you is "Isn't carving out here dangerous?"

Once you've selected the proper encounter option, return to Wenet's page.

Come back when you learn something important and bring me a few Carved Easter Eggs.

- Find out what the Fluffball agenda is
- 5x Carved Easter Eggs

Complete Quest
Page 3

You’re back already? You make a great harelion. Tell me everything you know and show me those eggs.

+60 Experience
+3% Impression
+2 Hare Points
+1x Hare Bone Piercings
+1x Lucky Rabbit Foot Necklace
+1x Screaming Rabbit Relic

Come back tomorrow, I need to figure this out.
Page 4

Hare Bone Piercings

Lucky Rabbit Foot Necklace

Screaming Rabbit Relic

This ends Quest 2. You must wait until rollover to proceed to Quest 3.
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