Quest 8 is unlocked once Quest 7 is complete and you have rolled over.
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I… I have been thinking... Bring me a lamb and I will roast it for us… No, bring me two, you will eat your own. I know you have a pride, we’re not meant to be together. Let me just enjoy our one last romantic meal together to have a closure and I’ll go back to studying those Fluffballs. It’s okay, I always have been a lone lioness, it’s better this way. I am way too emotional around you, big boy.

You can hang with me any time.
Page 1

When Fluffballs disappear, so will I, as I do have a family back home. Eating a lamb always made me feel calmer and stronger when it’s time to migrate. Bring me 2x Lamb Carcasses.

- 2x Lamb Carcass
Page 2

To complete this quest, you must obtain 2 Lamb Carcasses. These items can only be found by exploring without Wenet's Mask equipped. They are a regular April event encounter and wearing Wenet's Mask will prevent the encounter from popping up.

If you are unable to reliably get them from exploring, they are also dropped from Reptile Roundup's Snuhlands level when you send a score between 25 to 29 Points.

Lamb Carcass.

Once you have the required items, return to Wenet's page.

Two lambs, big boy.

- 2x Lamb Carcass

Complete Quest
Page 3

Thank you so much! I will roast one for you right away, you will LOVE this. I’ll eat mine at night, I have so much work to do.

+2 Hare Points
+4 Easter Eggs
+5% Impression
+1x Roasted Lamb

Come back tomorrow, my plan is almost complete.
Page 4

Roasted Lamb

This ends Quest 8. You must wait until rollover to proceed to Quest 9.
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